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For a carefully curated colour scheme for the interior of your home, be sure to speak to our team at One Day Paint about booking our In-house Colour Consultant. Either via video consultation or an in-home visit, whichever option suits you best.

What is a Colour Consultation?

Our One Day Paint Colour Consultation will not only assist in selecting colours for your walls but also in creating an overall scheme that works seamlessly with your furnishings and style, combining your personality to enhance the design of your home.

Our Colour Consultant will also be able guide you with the design process by factoring in light orientation and give important detail on which colours will work best for your environment.

Who Requires Colour Consultant?

No matter if you are repainting one room or the whole house, this service is ideal for those who would like support selecting a feature wall or tying together a whole colour scheme for your home.

Our Colour Consultant has professional colour knowledge, knows trends, the psychology of colour concepts and the creative vision to help you select the perfect paint colour every step of the way.

One Day Paint’s Colour Consultation Process

Step 1

You can book in by calling us on
1800 663 329, emailing us at info@onedaypaint.com.au or visiting www.onedaypaint.com.au

Step 2

Whether you select a Virtual or In-home Service, One Day Paint’s Colour Consultant will join you to discuss colour preferences, run through all the whites and brights, pinks and beiges and make the Colour Consultation process as easy as possible!

Step 3

Our Colour Consultant will then guide you in choosing from specific colour ranges which will complement the design and architecture of your house or apartment.

Once your colours have been finalised and signed off, the details of our Colour Consult are given to our Melbourne Painters to follow and hey presto!


How do I prepare for my colour consultation?

The more information you can provide to One Day Paint showing your design inspiration and ultimate style by using Interior Design magazine cuttings, Pinterest or Mood Boards the better! This will ensure that your One Day Paint Colour Consultant is able to help you select the perfect colour scheme based on your individual style and the style your house.

How do I book a colour consultation with One Day Paint?

How Much is a colour consultation with One Day Paint?

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  • The cost of a virtual Colour Consultation is $159.00. However, if your painting project is over $7,000.00, we’ll throw in a free Colour Consult.
  • Free estimate: https://estimate.onedaypaint.com.au

Which locations do you service?

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  • Our Colour Consultation services Melbourne’s South East, with suburbs including: South Yarra, Richmond, Docklands, Prahran, Malvern, Toorak and Bayside. If you would like to know if we cover your area please email us at: info@onedaypaint.com.au
  • Contact phone: 1800 663 329
  • Our Virtual Colour Consultation can be booked from anywhere in Melbourne.

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