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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have?

One Day Paint has been operating for over five years, but some of our painters have been in the business of painting for over 20 years

What paint do you use?

We highly recommend (and use) Dulux and Haymes paints. However we’re more than happy to work with other manufacturers if you have a preference.

How do you do it so quickly?

We employ small army’s of painters run by efficient Project Managers. Being organised, we’re able to get on with the business of painting whilst making sure the disruption to your life is kept to a minimum.

What kind of quality can I expect?

We’re not quick because we cut corners. It’s our efficiency and Project Management that make a difference. We do a quality inspection before we finish each job and we’re so confident in our processes that we even offer a 10 year Guarantee!

What does a Project Manager do?

We believe that strong communication is the key. Keeping you updated and making sure each project is running on time whilst keeping an eye on quality keeps our Project Managers busy.

What can I expect on the day painting starts?

We’ll show up on time, smiling and ready to get started with your project. If the home is empty, we can pick up the keys a day earlier and let ourselves in. Either way, our friendly Project Managers will get the team going and answer any questions you might have.

How do I arrange an in-home quote?

You can book a time directly via our website, call 1800 663 329 or email us at info@onedaypaint.com.au. We can also quote off a floorplan and some photo’s, so if you have a realestate.com.au or domain.com.au link, email it directly to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if I need some plastering done?

We generally stick to painting, but through our industry contacts and in-home trades, we can always assist with some minor carpentry or plaster works. And if we can’t help, we’d be more than happy to put you in touch with someone that can.

How accurate is the Online Estimate?

We’ve based our pricing on thousands of past projects and years of experience to make sure you get the best value quote for your project.

Will you leave me some paint for touch-ups?

Yes, we’ll always leave some paint for you should you ever need it down the track. However, if you prefer that we take all tins away, we’re more than happy to do that too.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry $20,000 public liability along with the required level of WorkCover.

Is it more expensive?

One Day Paint is no more expensive than traditional painters in Melbourne. In fact, in many cases, we are actually more affordable than others. Our difference is that we don’t have any hidden costs. Unless you ask for something more, our quoted price will not change.

Are your painters qualified?

Our painting crews are all run by Qualified Painters & Decorators providing you with years of experience and know how to make sure each job is completed to the highest standard.

What kind of preparation work do you do?

We clean, fill and sand all surfaces requiring a new coat of paint. This includes filling hairline cracks, small holes (think nail holes up to the size of a 10c coin) and ensuring the surface we’re painting over is ready for a new coat of paint.

What’s the benefit of having my home painted in one day?

We know how valuable time is. Whether it be to minimise the disruption to your family home, getting a rental property occupied as quickly as possible, staging a home for sale, or moving into a new home, we can get most projects done in just one day.

What if I find a defect once the painters have left?

Each project goes through a 3-point inspection prior to completion, but we admit, sometimes it’s hard to ‘see the forest for the tree’s’. So if we miss something, we’ll be back within 48hrs to fix it with no charge to you.

Do I need to move the furniture?

The short answer is no. If we can move bulky items out of the way then we will and if not, we’ll make sure they’re covered and protected. All we ask is that you move any personal items to help us get the big stuff out of the way!

How do I choose the colours?

Our friendly Project Manager are more than happy to springboard colour ideas with you at any stage. But we’ll admit it, we’re painters (with plenty of experience) not Interior Designers. So if you’re looking for something a little more serious, we’ve teamed up with Interior Designers across Melbourne to offer Colour Consults to all our clients. If your project is over $8,000, we’ll even throw a Colour Consultation in for free!

Can you guarantee when you’ll start?

Yes we can! Once your Booking Fee is processed, your chosen dates are locked in. We haven’t missed a start date yet and we’re so confident of this that we guarantee start dates and durations or the cost of paint is on us.

Will my floors be safe?

We don’t start painting until all surfaces are protected. This includes covering any furniture, floors and cabinetry.

Do I need to be home when you’re painting?

This one’s really up to you. If you can’t stand the smell, need to work or just have something better to do than watch paint dry, we’ll be courteous throughout the process and treat your space like our own, whether you’re there or not.

Do you clean up after yourselves?

You’ll know we’ve been there because the walls look fresh and the space, tidy and clean! We take pride in how we leave the house once we’re finished and we make sure to take all our rubbish away with us.

What is Low VOC paint?

Most paints are made using varying amounts of petroleum based solvents. These chemicals, more often referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be avoided by choosing a Low VOC Paint.

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