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Add value to your property, fast

Add value to your property, fast

The Quickest Way to Add Value to Your Property

Thinking of selling your property? Naturally you want in on the market as soon as possible and sold for the best price.

Best Sale Price

It’s no secret that a way to increase the sale price of your property is to add value through renovations. Renovations however can prove to be expensive once trades such as; carpentry, tiling, and cabinetry are involved. These trades also run the risk of over capitalisation. One of the most cost-effective trades for adding value is the painter.

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It’s not just here-say, painting the inside of your house results in a whopping 107% Return on Investment, according to a HomeGain 2012 Top DIY Home Improvements for Seller survey.

According to ourlocalagent.com.au, ‘A professionally finished paintwork can add up to 5% to your sale value.’

5% of a property worth $1mil is $50k. Say this property is a 3 bedroom home, cost to repaint would be approximately $10,000. This could result in OVER $40k additional profit

Melbourne property buyers are likely to gravitate towards a home that looks fresh and clean, something we’re experts in here at One Day Paint.

Fast turnaround

Our name says it all… we paint your home in One Day!

The longer the property is on the market the longer you’re paying for: interest on your loan, rates, taxes, bills, etc. One Day Paint has teams of professional painters mixed in with efficient Project Management and processes to ensure we are in and out of your property as quickly as possible without compromising on quality – we are the only Painter in Melbourne to guarantee our workmanship for 10 years!

One Day Paint, Painting De-stressed.

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