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What is a colour consultant and do you need one

What is a colour consultant and do you need one?

What is a colour consultant and do you need one?

What is a colour consultant and do you need one

Creating a beautiful interior space has more to do with the balance of colour than you may think and given that interior paint forms the visual foundation of every single room, it is important to select the best colours to achieve the look and feel you desire.

This is where expert paint colour consultants come in. Paint colour consultants are trained in the psychology of colour, colour palettes and colour schemes and they know what it takes to create an environment that meets the overall interior objectives.

Whether you are painting one single feature wall, upgrading multiple rooms in your home or building a brand new property, a colour consultant can set you up for success.

What do colour consultants do?

Colour consultants specialise in:

Identifying and explaining how certain colours will look in a particular space. Every home or commercial space is built differently and oriented differently. Factors such as the amount of natural light entering the rooms, the outdoor climate fluctuations, the existing wall colour, ceiling height and many other environmental factors will be expertly taken into account and considered during by an expect colour consultant.

Using colour to achieve client design objectives

Ever realised how many types of white there are? How many varieties of grey, blue, pink, black, lilac and otherwise are on offer in the paint store? This is because, every tone and shade of every colour has the capacity to bring about different emotion for people entering and spending time in that space. This is known as the psychology of colour, and it is a very powerful and profound aspect of interior design. The colour you use in a baby’s nursery will be different to hues chosen for the home office space. Are you creating a calm space, a productive space, an inspiring space, a clinical space? Colour consultants will listen to your design ideas and explain the best choice of colour to achieve them.

Using the right amount of colour to add your personal touch

A colour consultant will know how to inject the right amount of colour into a space to meet your style preferences and bring about the right amount of impact. This could mean painting just one wall in a certain hue rather than the entire room. It may mean choosing a different strength in a desired paint colour. There is certainly a science behind the art of interior painting and this is why calling in an expert colour consultant can be beneficial.

Planning a complete interior look and feel

Bring to life your dream home with the help of a colour consultant. Beyond the paint colours, a professional colour consultant can set the tone for choices in furniture, décor, texture and all the elements that go into making a space feel totally special and perfect for you.

Do you need a colour consultant?

If you are thinking about an interior paint upgrade, you may be surprised at how worthwhile a colour consultant’s input can be to the success of your project.

As creative as you may be, when was the last time you painted an interior? Colours on a paint swatch are very different to colours on a wall and experienced colour consultants will have seen real-life examples of paint colours in situ to afford you with good advice.

Achieving a seamless and well balanced interior is sure to enhance your daily enjoyment as you spend time in your residential or commercial property.

Some interior paint companies offer a colour consulting service to customers to ensure that they get it right, from the start. It may be recommended to ensure that you are truly satisfied with the outcome of your paint project and avoid the desire to repaint or change colours after only a short time.

If you are unsure whether your project warrants a colour consultant, you can speak to your trusted painters first and seek their opinion.

Ready to book a colour consultant?

One Day Paint is a committed team of paint specialists in Melbourne. We have a colour consultancy service which is available on-site or virtually for those customers who have a vision in mind and want to be fully informed before undertaking a paint job. Email info@onedaypaint.com.au to book or discuss a value-for-money colour consultation appointment with One Day Paint or call 1800 663 329.

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