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Painting door frames like a pro

Painting door frames like a pro

If you’re reading this, you already understand that achieving a perfect paint job on your door frames will elevate the aesthetics of your home. Whether you are painting your front door frame or other through-ways in your home, think of these areas as features which deserve your attention.

We have put together a simple and expert guide for how to paint door frames with success which will lead to a result you’ll be proud of. The guaranteed way to execute your door paint project with minimal fuss is a three-phase process.

3 Steps to Perfect Door Frames

Step 1 – Acquire the right materials for your door painting project

Paint. For door frames, you should use a semi-gloss or high gloss latex paint. These paints will allow for a well-sealed coverage that will be easy to clean. Gloss paints wear well against the elements and withstand potential knocks and dirt inevitable in high traffic areas. Consider the colour for your door frames as well. It may be the right place to add some colour to your property, or you may wish to use a neutral white tone to freshen things up.

Brushes. Experienced painters prefer angled paint brushes for narrow framed areas. Quality angled paint brushes allow for more control in slim areas and are appropriate for painting door frames. You will need at least one angled brush that is no wider than the narrowest frame, to avoid paint leakage to surrounding areas.

Protective tape and sheets. To achieve that crisp finish, it is essential to mask surrounding walls and ceiling areas carefully when preparing door frames for painting. Using a quality painters’ tape, seal off all neighbouring walls. Inside the door jambs (inside frame) tape over the hinges as they may not function effectively if painted. Place drop sheets under the frame and ensure they are secured with tape for safety.

Repair materials. For doors that have a high amount of wear and tear, it is important to undertake minor repair work prior to painting. Caulk, wood filler, sandpaper and cleaning cloths should be at the ready for this part of the prep work.

Step 2 – Prepare the door frames for painting

Many people ask, ‘how to prepare door frames and trims for painting?’. The answer is, ‘bring the existing door frame to a clean and even state before painting’.

Firstly, you need to carefully remove the door from its hinges. If the hinges are in bad shape, it may be worth replacing them. Fill any holes or chips in the door frames with wood filler, then re-caulk any gaps between the door frames and walls so that paint can go on smoothly. Once products are dry, sand the frames for an even finish. Give the entire area a good wipe down to ensure a clean, dry and dust free surface. As with any paint project, clean and dry walls will allow for an optimal finish.

Step 3 – The best door frame and trim painting technique

  • Hold the angle-tipped paint brush on the metal neck rather than the handle to give you better control and precision when painting door frames.
  • Start by painting the top of the door jambs (inner frames) working the tip of the brush into the corners and then moving down the jambs with the brush in a horizontal position. Use long up and down strokes as you motion downwards. It is good to overlap the paint as you work your way down to ensure full coverage.
  • Once the inner jambs are painted move outwards to the side frames and trim work, starting from the highest point to the lowest.
  • Paint the top horizontal frame last.
  • Allow the paint to dry and the repeat the process for a second coat.
  • Remove tape when paint feels dry to the touch.
  • Re-attach the door into position carefully.

Things to consider when planning to paint door frames

  • Painting all your door frames in the one project gives you consistency throughout the property. You’ll save time and resources by painting in one go.
  • Minimising traffic in the property during the painting project in Melbourne will allow for an optimal, finish and eliminate the risk of damage.

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