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Can you Paint When it's Cold?

Can you Paint When it’s Cold?

Can you Paint When it’s Cold?

Can you Paint When it's Cold?

Winter has blown in, but that doesn’t mean your interior painting project in Melbourne needs to be put on hold.  Many DIY painters feel hesitant to paint walls in winter due to a fear of extended drying times. We want to equip you with the best plan for painting when it’s cold to help you move forward with your home or office upgrade dream.

After all, what better time to be working on your home than during the chilly months of the year when there is less temptation to get out and about.

At One Day Paint, our business doesn’t stop in winter. We want to share our Top Tips for painting when it’s cold to keep you motivated to get started on your project.

TIP 1 – Choose your paint colour and type with added caution

Cold days often mean grey skies. The lack of sunlight during the winter months in some parts of Melbourne can give a different appearance to how the colour will look on sunnier days. If you are selecting a neutral white, beige, grey or greige colour for your walls, we recommend doing a small paint patch test in different strengths before locking in your selection, ie: ¼ strength and ½ strength. Be mindful that overcast weather will affect how your paint colour is perceived.

The amount of natural light, the strength of light as well as the type of artificial lighting you have in the room will all play a part in how your paint colour appears. Oil-based paints take much longer to dry than latex-based paints. You should speak to your paint supplier about a suitable quick-dry paint option for your winter paint project.

TIP 2 – Take your time preparing to save time painting

We always emphasise the importance of good preparation when painting one or more rooms. In the colder months, this is more critical than ever. Make a pre-preparation schedule for treating your walls, including the tricky tasks such as sanding, caulking and sealing cracks or uneven trim and surfaces. The smoother your walls and trims are, the quicker the paint application will take, and the better it will look.

Masking your walls for painting will set you up for an unencumbered painting process. Many DIY painters ask, ‘how do I achieve crisp lines when painting?’ Meticulous masking is the answer. No matter the weather. Remember, having all the equipment on hand before you begin painting will ensure a stress-free experience. Quality paint, paint rollers, angled brushes and drop sheets should all be on hand.

Tip 3 – Protect your furniture and valuables adequately

You do not want to be stopping and starting your paintwork, so damage-proofing is worth doing before you open the paint cans and brushes. Cover lights, electronics, furniture, artwork, and other household items that need to remain where they are. Ensure a safe path around the rooms, with no trip hazards. This will help the painting stage move along quickly when it is cold.

Tip 4 – Heating apparatus can help when painting in Winter

Although quality paints have quick-drying properties, cold weather can slow the process. Central heating or floor heating is a great way to inject even heat to your painted areas for a quicker drying process. Small electric heaters can be used, but we recommend keeping them in the centre of the room, rotating if possible, so as not to favour one particular area.

Tip 5 – Allow your first coat to dry before applying the second coat

Whether it is the nature of DIY painters or the cold weather at play, but many botched paint jobs happen due to inadequate drying time of the first coat. Our advice is, once you have applied the first coat of paint, open the windows to allow some brisk winter air flow in. This, coupled with internal heating will naturally help your paint to dry. A smart choice for winter paint jobs is to select your paint type carefully, opting for a quick-dry quality paint.

Tip 6 – Consider getting assistance from a professional painting company in Melbourne

If the idea of painting during winter is too daunting, choosing a painter in Melbourne with experience and all the right tools may be what you need to get the job done well, first time. Whilst there are plenty of painters in Melbourne, it is best to find a team who can guarantee great results no matter the weather.

One Day Paint specialise in residential interior painting. With decades of hands-on experience, we thrive on delivering flawless results on the rainiest, coldest of days. We treat each painting project with specialist consideration and plan our strategy for painting in advance to give you a first-class result.

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