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5 Best Colours for Guest Rooms

5 Best Colours for Guest Rooms

In the vast ocean of paint colours available in Melbourne, choosing the perfect hue to makeover your guest room, granny flat or short stay accommodation isn’t always easy.

At the heart of your guest room paint project, is the goal of achieving a soothing atmosphere where guests of any age will feel welcome, cosy and at ease. Although you can get ideas for guest room paint colours from online images, we have collated a list of unbeatable colour choices that will create a tranquil space.

Dulux paints are readily available from paint suppliers in Melbourne, and we have taken inspiration from their range to make it simple for you to source for a DIY guest room project or for your professional painter to acquire.

Our choice of top 5 guest room paint colours

Meadow Lane

A muted light green tone which looks gorgeous on guest room walls. This calming colour works well in accommodation with outlooks to gardens and greenery. With fresh undertones, this guest room colour idea will pair well with dark greens, charcoal and white décor to add contrast and depth to the room. Remember that the paint colour acts as a backdrop to the styling of the room so infusing some soft natural textures will make this colour look and feel just right.

*Tip – Finding the right paint colour strength is important. Before painting an entire room, get a swatch of the paint you like in full, half and quarter strength. You may achieve the effect you are seeking with a toned-down version.


Guests will feel instantly at home within the warm, wheaty tone of linseed wall paint. Offering an earthy yet light atmosphere, this is a cosy colour which works well with any amount of natural light. Linseed is a good idea for guest room paint as it can be easily complimented by other neutral linens and décor for a fresh, uncomplicated feel. Wood framed wall art will look lovely against linseed walls, and you can add some green, blue or orange accent pieces to complete the style.

*Tip – Consider your flooring before selecting your paint colour in guest room. You don’t want the colour to clash with your paint choice.

Winter Fog

Create a timeless guest suite with this ‘greige’ tone. With hints of grey and beige, without being too loud, this colour is a perfect way to welcome guests to feel at home when they are away. This colour should be used in conjunction with white paint for frames, windows, and other structural detail. Be sure to add pops of colour to give the room some personality. Purples, blues, yellows will work a charm.

*Tip – For short stay accommodation, choose Dulux wash’n’wear PLUS anti-bac paint to reduce allergens from clinging to walls and optimising your guest experience.

Bay's Water

Blues are cool, blues are moody, blues can make people feel truly at home. This tone has all the qualities to instantly allow guests to unwind and feel calm. Bay’s Water is a great choice for a guest room near the beach, river or swimming facilities as it carries a sea breeze feeling. Wooden flooring or other natural textures in the room will create a balanced space, as will some soft neutral white tones. Although this colour makes quite a statement, it is easy to add other colours without losing the tranquil charm. Lighter and darker shades of blue, green, and yellow can be included in the scheme to make the room more dynamic.

*Tip – You may choose to add a blue feature wall rather than painting all the guest room walls in colour. Bay’s Water and similar hues will look beautiful behind the bed head as a feature wall.

Whisper White

When it comes to white paint in guest rooms, soft is best. Whisper White is a sumptuous, inviting tone of white which will make any Airbnb, short stay accommodation, granny flat or guest room feel homely. This is a smart choice for any bedroom as it can be paired with all types of flooring, décor and lighting whilst maintaining a fresh, warm feel. Perfect for adding some natural and earthy decor such as indoor plants, wooden furniture and wall art, this white paint is a winner.

*Tip – Set yourself up for success when choosing a white paint colour by applying a generous swatch to your wall before painting. Each hue looks different in its surroundings.

*Inspiration from www.dulux.com.au/colour

The expert Melbourne painters from One Day Paint thrive on transforming tired spaces into tranquil guest room havens with clever paint colour choices. Feel free to get in touch for some advice and inspiration today.

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