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Can your home’s paint colour affect its overall temperature?

Can your home’s paint colour affect its overall temperature?

The answer is yes.

While Melbourne summers bring with them warmer weather and increased sunshine, which is great for outdoor activities and water fun but also causes the internal temperature of your home to increase.

The colour you choose to paint your house can affect heat absorption. Professional painters have found that dark dull colours tend to absorb more of the sun’s radiant energy which in turn can be transferred into your home. Similarly, as to how one might feel warmer when wearing a black t-shirt on a hot day, as dark colours tend to absorb roughly 70-90 percent of the sun’s radiant energy.

Meanwhile, lighter colours help to reflex this radiant energy away from your home. White is known to gain 35 percent less heat than black walls. “While many people are not keen on painting their house white, cool paint colours are a good alternative as cooler shades help block solar radiation” state Melbourne painters.

A lot of energy is spent by families throughout Melbourne each year to keep their homes cool. This often comes at a great expense and could be reduced by being conscious of the effect your chosen paint shade will have on your home after house painting.

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