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Spring “Painting”

Spring “Painting”

It is official, spring has sprung.

As the flowers begin to bloom and the weather gets warmer, we are often inspired to rejuvenate our homes. Traditional “Spring Cleaning” comes to mind. Often people think that only applies to the interior of your Melbourne home, with deep scrubbing of floor boards and organization. Today we are going to take this a step further and talk about using paint as an easy way to restore your home’s luster.

Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior

A thorough pressure wash of your house is an easy way to set your home back to its normal state. “Throughout the cold months of the year, your house can get increasingly dirty on the exterior”, say professional Melbourne painters. By giving it a good professional pressure clean, you can make your home look like new.

Repaint the Exterior

This may be a larger “spring cleaning” project, but now is definitely the time do it. Painters in Melbourne believe that paint jobs done in the springtime might last longer as the exterior paint can cure better in the moderate weather, so there is no need to wait for summer.

Varnish Work

Consider giving your deck and/or patio a new coat of varnish. With the warmer weather you will be enjoying more time outdoors and will really appreciate its fresh, revitalized look.

Because the exterior of your home weathers the elements as it protects you, it takes the biggest beating. You owe it to your home to use a professional painting contractor for these spring cleaning services.

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