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Create a Beautiful Bathroom With Colour

Create a Beautiful Bathroom With Colour

Your bathroom should be your personal oasis, a place of retreat and relaxation. If painted correctly it can not only be a warm space in which you can unwind after a long day but also an area to enjoy a bright start to a new day.

Professional Painters believe that colour has a direct impact on creating warmth as well as a calm and peaceful mood. Bright and bold colour palettes might require stepping out of one’s comfort zone but can add some spunk (and style) to a simple Melbourne bathroom.

Black can seem dramatic and is not typically considered relaxing, but it can add an edge of flare to traditional white in the most elegant way. Combined with silver accents it can create a sophisticated look to any bathroom.

Similarly; Copper adds an instant elegance to one’s space. It can be used with neutral colours to create a warm, inviting and comfortable feel in your bathroom.

Not into bright and bold colours for your house painting?

On the lighter side, Mint coloured paint can be refreshing. Mint green sets a tranquil tone in the room and evokes the calm of nature. “It is an especially good choice for a cool and sunny room” say Melbourne painters.

Blue is a classic bathroom colour. It reminds us of the sea and sky. Blue not only calms and relaxes us but inspires confidence and trust.

Blue gives you a wide range of possibilities. Lighter blues expand the space and have a calming effect, where darker blues feel more strong and cozy. Blue can also be combined with different accents can create vastly different styles.

Whether you’re making major changes to your space or just ready for a quick update, these paint colours will bring new life to your bathroom believe painters in Melbourne.

One Day Paint not only offers professional house painting services in Melbourne, but also a colour consulting service to help you achieve the mood you desire. Get in touch today to get your interior transformation underway.

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